Про покупку ереси напрямую от производителя.

Вдруг кому интересно. Это про покупку ереси напрямую от производителя здесь: www.the-m-equipment.com/en/buy/online-shop
Доставка по факту чуть подешевле, чем на Пиренеях.

Yes for international delivery there is a tracking number

>Le 21 déc. 2016 à 11:29, Evgeniy Cherkasov a écrit:

>Hi, Patrick!

>Thanks for your reply.
>Am I right that a normal shipping with French Post will be with a tracking number?


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>>От: «Patrick Mouyade» <info@the-m-equipment.com>
>>Кому: «Evgeniy Cherkasov»
>>Тема: Delivery to Russia.
>>Дата: ср, дек. 21, 2016 13:16

>>Hi Evgeniy,

>>Shipping costs for Russia have been added to our shop. There are two options:
>>Express Shipping with GLS with package up to 20 kilograms for 82 €
>>Normal Shipping with French Post up to 20 kilograms also for 40 € but delivery should take 8 days
>>Sorry for the late reply.

>>The M Equipment Team
>>>2016-12-16 18:27 GMT+01:00 Evgeniy Cherkasov:
>>>Hi, guys,

>>>I have a question. Do you have a delivery to Russia and what the price if yes?
>>>I have this question because I've received the following error message in yours online shop:
>>>«MESSAGE No shipping methods available for your location»
>>>I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, postal code is 195257.


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